“Elle Oh Elle” Products

Okay! Can I say I am so obsessed with Hobby Lobby’s new “Elle Oh Elle” line. It is so cute. It’s perfect for the everyday planner. It has a couple different planners and a wide selection of wash tape, stickers, scrapbook paper, mechanical pencils for you planner people.

They also have this adorable clip board that is clear with big black eye lashes on it that I could not resist with a big gold clip. Post it notes with super cute images that I can use in my planner or anywhere.

You need some cute things for your desk? Well Elle has it! They have cute scissors, stapler, staple remover, and file box for your desk with eye lashes on it. This line has so much, it has gift bags, paper, vinyl, zip pouch, and note book. You have to go check it out. It’s to adorable and your planner will love you for it. Here I have done a whole layout in my Erin Condren planner before the pen with the washi and stickers. How stinking cute is this?! You have to go look before it’s all gone!! Enjoy 😉

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I hope everyone that has children in school shows appreciation to your child’s teachers. They work their butts off for next to nothing in pay. They use their own money a lot of the time to fund projects and things for the class and never ask the parent for a cent.

My 3 children while growing up, have had teachers that left lasting impression on their lives. They talk about them when they get together and talk about growing up. The smiles on their faces shows me these teachers did there jobs so well and I could not thank them enough. It makes me proud when my kids are still in touch with there favorite teachers and I am still in touch with some of them as well. This is an amazing bond that I will cherish forever.

Every year I made sure that these teachers were well taken care of. I wish I could have done more. But if your searching for something to do for your teacher I’m going to list some ideas for you with some pictures. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas. But here are my favorites.

So don’t forget your teacher this week. It does not need to be much. Just show you appreciate them. Below are some other ideas you can do for them.

*Bring your teacher a flower

*Write them a letter letting them know how much the have impacted your life this year

*Buy them some school supplies they are running low on

*Treat your teacher to there favorite beverage or snack

*Gift cards are always best to a restaurant, store, teacher store or massage

*Each day donate a book to the class.

“You are an AW-esome teacher” tag attached to a six-pack of A&W root beer

“I couldn’t have ‘picked’ a better teacher” tag attached to a fruit basket, or cookies in a berry basket

“We ‘flippin’ love you” with a spatula and cookie, brownie or cake mix

“There is no “sub” stitute for you!” tag attached to a  gift card from the local sub shop.

“Thanks a ‘latte!” tag with a gift card from the local coffee shop, special coffees or travel mug

“Your teaching is right on target” attached to a Target gift card

“Here is a ‘pat’ on the back for doing such a great job!” tag attached to a gift certificate for a massage

“Here’s the scoop… you are the best!” attached to Sundae supplies or gift card for an ice cream shop.

“Here ‘s a little extra ‘dough’! ” Thanks for all you do!” package with cookie dough or dollar bills

“Shooting for Brownie points” tag attached to a box of brownies

“You are a ‘Fanta’ stic teacher” tag attached to a bottle of Fanta

“You are the sweetest teacher! Thanks for making me a smart cookie!” plate of cookies

“I am so lucky to have you for a teacher” attached to a lottery ticket or lucky charms cereal

“I am bananas for you” attached to banana bread

“We are ‘Soda” lighted you were our teacher” attached to favorite soda

“You are the apple of our eye” with a basket of apples

“You are ‘tea’rrific!” tag with selection of teas

“You are one smart cookie” tag with homemade cookies

“You are o’fish’ally the best!” tag attached to Goldfish crackers

“We are fortunate to have you” tag with Chinese take out box filled with fortune cookies

*Take them a candy bar /gum / mint / nuts and attach a tag with one of the saying below

“We appreciate the ‘mounds’ of work you do” tag attached to a Mounds candy bar

“You deserve an extra Payday” tag attached to a Payday Candy bar

“You are ‘extra’ special” tag attached with a pack of Extra Gum

“You were ‘mint’ to be a teacher!” tag attached to some mints

“You are worth more than a 100 grand to us!” tag attached to a 100 grand candy bar

“You ‘mint’ so much to us this year” tag attached to some mints

“You are a ‘treasure’ “ tag with treasures candy

“You are a joy!” tag attached to an Almond Joy candy bar

“You are out of this world” tag attached to a Milky Way or Mars candy bar

“You rock!” tag with pop rocks, rock candy, rock star soft drink or painted rock for a paperweight

“We are ‘nuts’ about you!” tag attached to some nuts

“Thanks for helping me become a real ‘smartie’ pants!” tag attached to package of Smarties

“You are an ‘amazing’ teacher” tag attached to an Amazing candy bar

Teen Drunk Driving

My son is just about to graduate and his school participates in a great program called Shattered Dreams. “Shattered Dreams is a two-day, school-based program that promotes responsible decision-making among high school students regarding underage drinking and impaired driving (driving after drinking or riding with a drinking driver) by showing them how irresponsible choices can end all dreams.”

The two-day program is designed to educate students, parents, and the community about the serious issue of underage drinking and driving, by providing a realistic experience and encouraging them to make positive choices.  The presentation is held before the school’s prom, an occasion on which teenagers are most likely to consume alcoholic beverages.   

Shattered Dreams, targeted at underage drinking and driving, involves the dramatization of an alcohol-related accident staged in front of the school.  While the entire student body watches, police, fire, and other emergency personnel will respond to the scene.  The “victim” students will be transported by ambulance and helicopter (PHI Air Medical and Careflite) and to local hospitals (Baylor Scott & White Medical Center-Centennial and Medical City Frisco), while the “deceased” student will be transported by Turrentine Jackson & Morrow Funeral Home.  The “drunk driver” will be arrested and transported to the Frisco City Jail for book-in and arraignment. 

Throughout the day, the Grim Reaper will enter a classroom every 15 minutes and select a student victim, known as the “Living Dead”.  When the program first originated in the mid-1990s, the 15-minute time period represented how often someone was killed in an alcohol-related accident.  As students are pulled from class, a police officer will read the student’s obituary that was written by their parents.  At the end of the school day, the Living Dead, crash victims, and drunk driver are taken on an overnight retreat to enhance the learning experience.   

The second day will include a Memorial Service for the “victims” and their families along with the entire student body of Centennial High School. At the conclusion of the Memorial the “victims” are reunited with their friends and loved ones.

I wish that every high school could experience what my sons got to experience with this program. It’s so life changing for them and eye opening. It scares them not to want to drink.


Round 3

My son is having surgery today on his burns. Each time we do this and I look at him and his body, I wonder to myself, when is this ever going to be enough? How many more of these can a persons body really take of going under so many times. It scares me every single time.

I’m sure his doctor knows what he is doing. But looking at it from a mothers point of view, it scares the hell out of me. This is my child. He has many more surgeries coming up, I just hope he can handle it, I just don’t know if I can.

My Daughters Cute Outfit

My daughter text me this picture of her and I loved it so much that I had to share it with all of you. She is into fashion as much as I am and I told her I was going to blog her outfit because I just loved it. So here we go…My daughters shirt is by Madewell. This is one of my favorite brands that can be found at Nordstrom. The shirt is made from cotton and washes very well. Her jeans are from Old Navy. I have to say, Old Navy has some of the most comfortable jeans. They have a bunch of different styles to choose from. I like to wear their skinny jeans or boyfriend cut jeans. In winter they have these jeans that are thinly lined to keep you warm that are skinny jeans. They are awesome.

Ashley is wearing the classic vans in black and white and the purse she is wearing is Kate Spade. She is ready for her fun day and I’m totally jealous because I wish I could be with her. Love ❤️ you sweet girl!




Victims Impact Statement

Such a powerful and impactful victim statement my son gave today in court. I’m so very proud of him. He choked up a couple times because it was very tough for him to speak to this person that did this to him. But he did a AWESOME JOB!! The judge and the people in the court room listen intently and you could definitely hear a pin drop.

I’m so very proud of him and the courage he had to do this. He has more courage then I ever would have.

The thing we loved most was when the judge asked the person that brutally beat our son ” Do you take full ownership of what you did to this young man?’ And you will never believe what this guy said…… after all this he said


One Of The Offers Were Accepted…

The Defense side came back and accepted one of our offers that I mentioned were on the table that he had to accept. The 2 things on the table were probation or a mistrial. He picked probation for 8 years with stipulations. We started out with 10 years and it ended at 8 years. What this means is this….

If he so much as misses his probation officer visit, gets into a fight, or has some kind of altercation and it involves the police …. he will go to jail for 8 years. He also has to stay away from my son for forever. If he comes near him, he goes to jail. He has a shady past, so he will screw up again. He has a temper, he will screw up again.

My son has to make his victims impact statement on Wednesday, April 3, 2019. He has to face Mr Road Rage and the court to do this and discuss how what Mr Road Rage did has changed and effected his life.

This is not over…. we move on next to our civil case. This is a whole new case that will start all over again but in civil court.