Missing My Child

Missing your children can be so heart wrenching for a parent. I know at least for me it is. My daughter Ashley is 25 and lives in San Diego, which is where I moved from. I think about her 24/7. Is she safe, is the person she is with treating her with dignity and respect, is she surviving this expensive state without me. All these crazy things go through my head all the time. I know she is an adult. She is super smart, and intelligent. She knows her place in the world and I have no doubt that she will do great things with her life. But that does not stop me from caring and being her mom. While my kids were growing up I was always involved in my children’s schooling. I volunteered for everything under the sun. I wanted to be a part of this time because I knew they would grow up fast, and I would not have that time to be around them once they got into high school and they would not want mom there anymore. Why? This is the time where they are finding themselves. You have to give them space (within reason of course) and let them blossom. Im so glad I did this. I encourage everyone to participate in your child’s education. It’s so very important. For them and you! This picture was taken last year when my daughter was here in Texas and we went to a craft fair. I sure do miss my beautiful daughter. I have 2 other boys, Mateo is turning 20 in 31 days and Marco will be 18 in February. I hope they don’t move too far away, I think it would crush me.