I Love My Planner

I’m a huge planner. I write everything down. I know everybody says to me “You have a phone you can use it to add everything you need into your calendar”. Yes, I can. But, so many times technology does not work and I have lost everything and I just can’t take that chance and I just don’t use the cloud. I am also a huge crafter so this gives me a chance to decorate something when I don’t have time to do big projects. There are so many different planners to choose from. Just to name a few; Webster, Kate Spade, Filofax, Kikki.K and I could go on forever. But the one I love is Erin Condren. I have been using this style of planner for many years. I have used a few of the ones I mentioned above, but Erin Condren is my favorite. You can change the color of the coil, the styles, and they all come with beautiful quotes. At the back of the planner you will find a bunch of stickers to help you plan your days. You can pick either Vertical, Horizontal or Hourly styles. What’s even better is you can change the covers of your planners to match your seasons and have them personalized. I absolutely love this planner and I can’t say enough about it. For this week I quickly decorated it for Halloween with washi. Another one of my weaknesses is washi, but that’s for another day along with my pens! I have not added all my details for the week except for one. I so enjoy planning, I have always been a planner. Anyone who knows me knows I always plan ahead. Check out Erin Condren’s website, you won’t be sorry! In another post for another day I will go more into detail about my specific planner features.


2 thoughts on “I Love My Planner

  1. Once again you failed to mention me. I gave you a bunch of those ideas that are in that picture

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