A Costco Purchase I Love!

I have to brag about these shirts from 32 degrees. They are so warm! I purchased them from Costco. I bought the women’s and the men’s but the one I’m wearing now in this picture is the men’s.

The women’s shirts has a scooped neck line. They come in black, white, and the grey that I’m wearing. You can get matching pants as well that are also warm and cozy. I love those too. But I have to rave on these shirts. They are super soft and hug you like a blanket and keep you at the perfect temperature. I don’t like to be to hot. Costco has these at a great deal right now for 6.99 each for the pants and the shirt, until the 26th of November. This price is for the men’s and women’s.

They are going fast. Every time I go in there I buy more and they have a whole pallet missing. So people are loving them. They have kids sizes too. If you want to keep your little ones warm this is the perfect solution underneath their clothes. I have worn mine under my clothes already and their was no bunching up anywhere. It hugs you perfectly. I love this product!!🥰

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